Which Character Are You From The Demon Slayer Trio?

Which Character Are You From The Demon Slayer Trio?

Demon Slayer, the anime that took the world by storm this year. It’s even safe to say that Kamado Tanjirou, the main protagonist of this anime, is already part of the big three along with Asta from Black Clover, and Midoriya from My Hero Academia.


But enough about that, let’s have a brief overview of the plot before we jump right into our main subject!




It all started when Tanjirou went out to do some chores for his family, but when he came back, his family were slaughtered by monsters called Demons (mysterious, and powerful beings who were once humans and turned into monsters after being given blood from the all-powerful, original demon), leaving only her sister behind, who turned into a demon as well. And well, you know what happens next. He swore an oath to kill all Demons.

Well, you know how it is with the plot and stuff.

Moving on!

After swearing an oath, he got into a secret organization unknown to common folks, the Demon Slayer Corps. A group of sword-wielding people who protects mankind from the demons that ever haunts humanity…or something like that.

I wouldn’t go through the nooks and crannies so as not to spoil anyone out there who haven’t watched it. From those of you who haven’t seen this epic anime, my only advise is…

GO AND WATCH IT! You’re missing out!

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Now let’s get into the main topic: Which Character from the Demon Slayer Trio Best Describes you?


Kamado Tanjirou


Starting at Number one we have the protagonist of course! The kind, calm, collected, and ever offensive Kamado Tanjirou. Kamado Tanjirou is the type of person who takes action as soon as he sees the opportunity to do so, never missing a chance in something that will help him grow as a person. He’s also ever friendly and the sole glue to the Demon Slayer trio. Even though he rushes to danger at once, he never lets his mind wander off and he is always thinking of ways to help everyone. Nobody can top his kindness too, towards people and demons alike (since demons were once humans too!) He would never allow anyone to hurt his comrades, not to mention his outgoing concern to everyone, especially his younger sister that got turned into a demon, Kamado Nezuko. Putting everyone first no matter what, he’s by far the kindest and most outgoing character ever.

If you’re the type of person who would do anything for the sake of your family and friends’ happiness and would do all he can to support them, always facing your problems head-on but with a plan always, always puts the safety of everyone first, and always respects everyone and sees the good in others no matter what other people say otherwise,  then you’re a protagonist! You’re just like Kamado Tanjirou, the kindest character in the anime world!


Agatsuma Zenitsu


Going in second is the timid and cry-baby Agatsuma Zenitsu. He is the type of person who never wants to rush in danger no matter how least dangerous it is. Although he is thinking of everyone’s safety, he tends to overthink things and always ends up in the worst-case scenario in his mind. He always thinks that being in danger, even just a little bit, would kill him and that thought alone would make him cry buckets. However, he would never back down when you talk about his friends and family. If they’re brought up, he would do a one-eighty on his personality and face everything head-on, just like a timid bull who saw the red flag being held by the matador.

If you’re the type of person who easily gets down and overthinks a lot of things, and always wants to stay in your comfort zone, but never backs down from a challenge when friends and family are involved, then you’re just like Agatsuma Zenitsu, the timid, yet reliant one.

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Hashibira Inosuke


And last but not the least of the trio is the ever-competitive and musclehead, Hashibira Inosuke. He is the wildest among the three. He always rushes head on to danger, always wants to be the first, and above all, he’s the most unpredictable in his way of fighting. Don’t let his pretty face (under the mask, of course!) fool you, underneath that face is a mind of a competitor. However, he’s also the type of person who will never leave his comrades behind and will fight in the bitter end if it means keeping everyone safe. He never backs down from a fight and will always see to it that he follows through on all of his actions. He has helped the group get out of a pinch countless times due to his erratic behavior. A true warrior of the wild!

If you’re someone who would never give up even though the odds are against you, and always wants to push through everything using sheer strength alone in getting to the top, yet never losing sight of the precious people relying on you, then you are the great and ever-daring Inosuke!

Now, which one are you? The kind Tanjirou? The timid Zenitsu? Or the Musclehead Inosuke? Let me know in the comments section down below.



And as always, happy watching!


Which One Piece Personalities are You?

Which One Piece Personalities are You?

Most of the time, we try to relate to others. 

We sometimes even go so far as to pretend that we’re someone else!

As fans of One Piece, why don’t we see which Straw Hat pirate we can relate to the most. Just for the sheer fun of it, why don’t we see whose personality matches ours the most?

You ready?

Luffy D Monkey One Piece PersonalitiesAre you carefree? Do you like to go with the flow? If you ignore predicament because of your optimism and belief in yourself, then you resemble Luffy’s personality.

You don’t give promises but when you do you fulfill it no matter what. Most of the time, you act more on instinct than on reasoning. You have a carefree and undeniable depth of personality.

Even though you know that the world is cruel, you still try to see the best in anyone, be it friend or foe. You are absolutely not a materialistic person and you avoid making things more complicated whenever you can. No doubt you are a very giving, and simplistic person.

Even though you’re bubbly, outgoing, friendly, hyperactive, and a bit of a troublemaker, everyone can rely on you regarding serious matters since you are willing to risk your life for the sake of your loved ones.

You don’t mind much. And most of the time, you enjoy playing stupid. You have a happy go lucky attitude as well. And lastly, you may act childish but you are strong-willed.

Roronoa Zoro One Piece PersonalitiesAnger is the emotion that you are often comfortable to show. Usually, you’re stern, serious, and have a distant personality, and you often lose your temper in a jiffy when you’re in the midst of the people you love.

You prefer to stay in a quiet, solemn place rather than outwardly express your emotions publicly. Though you’re aloof, your loyalty is very strong to the person you trust. You care deeply for your people and do all the best to protect them at all cost. Your determination and resilience are amazing.

At critical times you can provide important and logical decisions as you are very perceptive. Also, you’re sensitive when you’re put into embarrassing situations. You pretend or somewhat partially disdain – but not seriously. Not because you disagree with them doesn’t mean you disrespect their beliefs.

You refuse to attack anyone whose back is turned, unless when your friends are in danger of losing their lives. You prefer to fight head-on.

You are very loyal to the people you love and you will stand up for their decisions regardless of whether you personally agree or not. You appear tough and cold, but you have a very kind heart and you’re willing to fight for the sake of those who can’t fight and are abused.

You’re proud of the reputation you’ve built. And you are willing to humble and lower yourself for your friends’ sake. You’re even willing to protect your friend’s friends without knowing them well.

Sanji Kun One Piece PersonalitiesYou’re cool most of the time. You are chivalrous, strong, confident, energetic, gentle and well dressed. You are amorous – easily admired and good-looking. Your sense of fashion is really good. You set up some good standards and great at sticking to your principles.

In serious events, you rarely act without thinking. You prefer to say what people need to hear rather than what they want. And in emotional matters, you’re not afraid to show your emotions.

Even though you look mature, you are not afraid to act foolishly or childishly on certain occasions. You are able to think ahead most of the time, making you extremely clever at important times. When you’ve decided to protect someone, you will put your life on the line for that person. There’s no doubt that you are generous and compassionate. You sympathize with anyone who don’t really want to share their past because you know there’s darkness there that they don’t want to share.

You are very loyal, stoic, clever and protective.

If you’re described as above, Bingo!, you have Sanji’s personality.

Nami San One Piece PersonalitiesA little manipulative and can even turn an entire conversation in your own favor. Acting as the parent or as a person who knows what is the best decision, you are a bit bossy and demanding.

You like money and fashion a lot but not to the point that you will abandon and betray your friends. You also avoid fights as much as possible.

In some occasion, you appear as a coward but in serious matters, you stand up for your family and friends and for what you believe is right. Thus, making you a bold person. You don’t want anyone to hurt your family.

Even though in casual days you act bossy and less sympathetic, you are very compassionate with your family and friends. You are also someone who is sincerely quick in showing sympathy whenever you see that one of them is suffering. What people don’t know though is that you are emotional. You can understand and have insights of others’ feelings. That’s why you are able to manipulate conversations and be bossy to your friends.

You can be defensive over your lack of modesty and you don’t mind it. And even though you like material things to a certain extent, you’re also willing to lose everything if it’s for the sake of the people you love the most. People may view you as heartless sometimes, but you are a forgiving person and always ready to help those in need.

You’re not as strong as the others, and you rely mostly on your wits to help and assist others. You are naturally sentimental, anxious, and sometimes insecure. You don’t like uncertainty. Though you seem a bit more afraid and scared in critical situations, you’re always there in times of need and you always try your best until you are totally exhausted.

You face your fears for the sake of your friends, people that you know, and those who are simply in need of help. Because you’re totally unselfish and compassionate, you always have trouble seeing your good qualities and your strengths. You may have proved that you can do better but you always doubt yourself.

In perilous times, you never give up trying just for the people you love even if you have a ninety percent chance of failure according to your own calculation.

You’re a bit funny and your creativity and knowledge are impressive.

Tony Chopper One Piece PersonalitiesYou are very supportive of the people around you. You studied really hard to be able to help them more. You might not seem as reliable as others in terms of physical capabilities, but when it comes down to it, you do your very best, not settling for mediocrity. You always want to give the best just to assist people in need.

Childish but upright, you are a friend and a companion who will try anything to accomplish a task given in order to help the rest of the group. Reading books is your way to pass the time whereas naivete and innocence is your prime character. Despite your talent and skill, you don’t usually trust yourself. You are a bit of a coward but can be relied on when it really comes down to a do-or-die situation – even though you don’t believe that your ability is enough, you still stand up and fight for the sake of your friends

You are kind-hearted by nature. You want everyone to be happy and go out of their comfort zone to protect them when they are in a dire situation. It’s undeniable that you have a wisdom to share.

Mature, dependent, reserved and mysterious, you don’t show your emotions to others until you get close to them. You’re smart, charming and lackadaisical and you don’t scorn or look down upon the sense of humour of others. Pretty quiet in your personal life, you’re not good at expressing yourself, thus, you look serious to most people.

It’s undeniable that you are rational, and also dependable. Once you fully trust someone, you are willing to support them on their plans, dreams, and decisions. Calm and collected, you can be quite intimidating and forceful when you wish to. When your friends are in an argument, you can balance things out and bring reasons and logic about the current situation.


Franky One Piece Personalities ColaYou are strong-willed, eccentric, free-spirited, and you don’t let people decide what you should do. You do whatever you want and whenever you want. People may think you’re a moron and unreliable but beneath your skin, you are truly mature and dependable. Physically you don’t show them how serious you are since you keep the serious matters in mind.

Truly, you are an altruist. You won’t hesitate to defend your family, friends and even other people. You act when you know someone will be or is in danger. You are absolutely not prejudicial. You just want everyone to be happy. What they don’t know is that you are extremely compassionate.

You are upright, courteous and polite. At the same time, you have an eccentric and childish character. Even in simplest things you appreciate people around you. You’re sensitive and compassionate to others as well and you stand true to your word even though it’s not a promise.

You are very loyal to your real friends, fearlessly protecting them at times, you care deeply about them. You are assertive but you are not afraid or hesitant to step up when needed. You like people to be just the way they are and you don’t forcefully make them change.


Even though the Straw Hats are fictional characters, we relate to them and they, too, have strong and weak personalities just like us.

Did any of them match up with your own personality? Please let us know in the comments below.

One Piece Anime Review

One Piece Anime Review

One Piece, the classic anime that has been on air for a long time is still building up hype until now. All anime fans, and I mean all of them, have probably encountered or watched One Piece one way or the other. It’s that famous!

But is it worth the watch for first time anime watchers out there?

Read on and find out!

Why watch One Piece?

Well, why do you have to watch One Piece? One might ask. Why do you need to know about One Piece if you’re entering the anime world? There are a lot of mainstream anime out there, why should you watch it?

For this article, I will give you a few reasons why you should know or watch One Piece and why it is important if you’re an anime watcher yourself.


1. It’s a Classic

Yeah, this is one of the most important reason. A lot of people tried watching any anime that they encounter and then brush it off saying that it’s not good then proceeds to take that judgment to other worthwhile animes out there. I’ll tell you, that’s a wrong approach!

If you’re planning to venture into the anime world, then make sure to watch or at least have a background on classic animes such as One Piece and the like before judging. If you’re a beginner in this field and you follow my advice, you’ll reconsider your outlook on anime.

I assure you 🙂


2.Every Veteran Anime Watchers Know it or Have Watched it

This is the second most important reason as to why you should consider watching One Piece. But this is not at all important if you don’t want to relate to veteran anime watchers.

Then again, relating to them will make you climb your rants fast into becoming a veteran, so think again.

3. It is Mainstream!

The best advice any anime watchers can give a beginner is to tell them to watch a mainstream anime, this is supposed to be a sub-point to my first reason but I decided to separate it since it’s just as important. I’m not telling you on my first reason to not watch mainstream animes but to consider watching the classics first before delving in to the mainstream and the low-rated ones.

4. It’s a Good Watch for a Shounen Anime

Welp, this is just my opinion but I guess it’s important since a lot of animes have a shounen tag. The long and short of it- One Piece is a good watch (even though it’s so long already!) and I think you’ll be able to enjoy it as well. And most of all, it’s a classic, mainstream anime that’s still airing until now, not a lot of animes are like that so consider giving it a try.

As always, have a great time watching!

Fairy Tail: Why is it a Balanced Shounen Anime?

Fairy Tail: Why is it a Balanced Shounen Anime?

Hiro Mashima takes yet another step to the anime world after releasing his first- Rave Master. During the Fall Season of 2009, Hiro Mashima released the anime that took the world by a storm: Fairy Tail. After finishing the manga and binge-watching the anime (just for this review lol) I can clearly say that Fairy Tail is a very balanced shounen anime- something that is rare in the world.

Well, enough about the descriptions and complications, let’s delve in to how and why it’s became a popular anime, and to answer the question as to why I said that it’s balanced.


Why is it balanced?

Opening of the anime series

You might wonder how a lot of people got hooked in on the series when the first episode was just released. Well, they probably read the manga, or they probably got hooked on the opening episode. For most, I think it’s the latter.

The opening episode of an anime is really important. It can either give some hype to anime watchers or leave a boring impression that would make anime watchers drop the series after seeing the first episode. I know that the iron-clad rule of judging an anime is to watch the first two or three episodes but when I see a boring opening episode, it gives a lowly feeling that makes you watch the first two or three episodes just for the sake of obeying the iron-clad rule. Some anime were able to hook me in on the second and third episode but some are just so plain that I ended up dropping it.

And that’s why the first episode of an anime is really important. Emphasis mine throughout.

Enough about that, let’s continue.

At the first episode, the good balance between comedy and action were densely packed together yet created a really good mix of both, which is really rare. I know that all mainstream shounen anime are like that but judging from that fact, there are only a handful of mainstream shounen anime even though a lot of shounen anime has already been released. That’s why it’s rare.

If you’re into shounen and you haven’t seen Fairy Tail, then go check out the first episode and see!

The pure comedy here and there

A lot of shounen anime (not just shounen but a few anime genres as well) couldn’t quite get a hold of pure comedy and it turns out to be forced on the screen. Fairy Tail, however, brings to light the drama and inserts a few comedy here and there, making it a roller coaster of a ride. I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t watched the anime so I won’t go into the details but in my opinion, the level of comedy in this one is somewhat on One Piece’s level, if you know what I mean (hehe).


The Setting and the Plot

Fairy Tail is set on a world where magic and guilds abound. It’s more like an RPG type of story, the only difference is friendship and comradeship (and a lot of ships lol). Magic-users earn a lot of money by doing quests and going on adventures together, this is a typical life for a magic-user. But there’s a guild who took the world by a storm because of their rogue firepower (literally!)

The Fairy Tail Guild.

The scene then focuses on a prince…er, I mean, a lady who has been looking forward to joining the Fairy Tail Guild and by some sort of Fate, she met one of the strongest member of the guild. She was able to join sooner than she had expected and together with that member, Natsu Dragneel, her life as a guild member started through quests and adventures.

It’s a typical start of a shounen anime but the good mixture of tags is great on this one and it has definitely hooked millions of anime watchers out there.

Character Build Ups

Yeah, the character build up is nice and fluid unlike a lot of shounen anime. The character build ups of the characters are nice and steady, enabling you to easily keep up with them. And I mean, easily since nothing will make you wonder how and why he got so powerful in just a significantly short amount of time.

And of course, the Fight Scenes

Shounen animes should have this so of course, it is as important as the other points in order to have a balanced shounen anime. The fight scenes are really eye-hooking (if there’s such a word) and it would make you want to watch more and more until it finishes. Mix that in with the good balance of genres and you’ll have Fairy Tail. That simple. If you want to see what I’m talking about, click the image below for a snippet of the fight scene. (I didn’t want to spoil so I put the very first fight scene as a feast for your eyes.)

As always, Happy watching!

Why Bleach is A Classic Anime

Why Bleach is A Classic Anime

You’ve probably heard of Bleach from your peers- or, if you’re an anime watcher and manga reader, you’ve probably seen it or watched it.

And there’s no doubt about it! Along with Pokemon, Detective Conan, Ghost Fighter and many more, it’s one of the few classic animes out there which has earned its reputation through time. But now that a few classic animes were already finished, fewer and fewer people are getting introduced to these types of animes and they are becoming buried under the mainstream one.

So in this article, I’ll be discussing why Bleach is a classic anime and why classic animes are a must-watch if you’re an anime watcher.


Why is it a Classic?

1. An awesome mix among its tags

Why? You ask. Well, you see, a lot of animes out there kind of just forced some tags and called it that even though it doesn’t really fit. Among those classic animes out there, Bleach has a balanced-type of tags and they don’t override each other, making the flow of the anime a good one and not a cringy one (lol). It’s transitions are well-versed as well: from comedy to action, from drama to supernatural, you can clearly see that the transition is nicely done.

I’m not telling you that this anime is a perfect one where you won’t actually notice the tag transitions but it’s clearly one of the best out there.

2. A wide-range of connected arcs

Yeah, this is what I’m talking about! Bleach is an anime that has been aired when I was in my childhood days and I grew up watching it. The connected arcs never fail to impress me when I was growing up and until now, I still rewatch it from time to time.

You see, when you’ve watched an anime and realize that it only has a season of twelve episodes, you get really bored waiting for the day to come (if it’s ever coming, lol) when the producers would release the next season. For bleach, it was continuous all throughout and you don’t have to wait for the next episode to come since it’s already completed after all.

Trust me on this one!



3. Good Character Build Ups and Introduction

Although I don’t usually like a zero-to-hero anime, this one is pretty cool to hook me in (probably because I grew up watching it). Anyway, the character build-up of the protagonist is really good and the character introductions are top-notch as well and if you mix both together, surprisingly, you can still easily keep up with it, unlike other animes which introduce characters and they don’t really stand up that much and forgotten after a few episodes. I’ll tell you, bleach has a lot, and I mean, a lot of characters and it would be a pain if you can’t keep up with the characters.

But this anime really changed my view on keeping up with the characters since it’s so easy (and I was a child when I started watching it to begin with!)

4. A good watch for all ages!

This anime can be watched by the whole family and enjoyed at the same time (unless one of you is skeptical about anime lol) and it can be enjoyed at any age. My family enjoyed watching it when it was still a series and until now, I still enjoy it. And Bleach is not the type of anime whereas you can’t watch it anymore when you’ve finished it.

In fact, you’ll enjoy it more and more when you rewatch it, and the animation is pretty takeable even at the first episode so you don’t have to worry about the animation as well!

5. It has passed the test of time

It has been a mainstream anime before and now, it became a classic, so it has stood the test of time and even new generation anime watchers enjoy watching it. This is why it became a classic anime and this is probably the best reason that I could ever think about.

A Classic Anime has stood the test of time after all.

So, if you haven’t seen the anime, why not try it out?

As always, have a great time watching!


Tokyo Ghoul: Why is it Different from other Psychological Animes?

Tokyo Ghoul: Why is it Different from other Psychological Animes?

Tokyo Ghoul has finally reached its sequel in the anime world! However, the third season didn’t satiate the expectations of manga readers and anime watchers alike. But as for the first and second season, Tokyo Ghoul climbed the ranks and became a mainstream anime.

But in this article, we won’t be discussing much about the anime storyline (since I don’t want to spoil those who haven’t watched it yet.)

In this article, I will be discussing about why Tokyo Ghoul is different from other psychological animes.


Why is it different?


I did say that I won’t be discussing much about the storyline so as not to spoil anyone who’s planning to watch it, but I’ll just put it here for the benefit of giving an idea to those people who don’t know.

You probably heard the phrase counting in backwards in sevens from one thousand or probably heard the anime opening plenty of times but judging the anime on those things would give you this really dark anime with nothing but torture and psychological all throughout.

Well, you have another thing coming.

I won’t get into further details why (not spoiling hehe) but in any case, let’s dive into the storyline of the anime.

The storyline revolves around a teenager named Kaneki Ken as he and his friend, Hide, stumbled upon a coffee shop that serves great coffee. There, Kaneki saw a beatiful woman who has the same tastes of literature as him and he immediately noticed it. One thing led to another and the woman, Kamishiro Rize and apparently a ghoul, tried to eat him for dinner and they got into a mysterious accident.

Waking up and realizing that he just had a surgery, Kaneki Ken was relieved to be alive, but little did he know that the organs used for his surgery was that of the ghoul Rize, transforming him into a half, one-eyed ghoul.

That’s pretty much where it all started and Kaneki Ken entered the ghoul world before he knew it. But what’s a ghoul? You might ask.

Well, they eat people, that’s the long and short of it. They are a type of species that are ranked higher than humans in the food chain. And since they couldn’t eat nor drink any human food (except coffee, that is) they have no choice but to eat humans (or ghouls apparently- it’s called cannibalism in their area lol)

As you can see, this storyline is unlike any other psychological animes’ since it has an established plot and the plot only revolves around it, leaving no future plot-holes. When you hear Psychological Anime, what probably comes to mind are random killing or some type of curse revolving around deaths of a lot of people. Some might also think that it revolves around a mass-murderer and some sort of genocide.

Well, what you’re thinking is right.

In Tokyo Ghoul, those types of things are carefully mixed together with a spice of drama and slice of life. In more ways than one, it’s like seeing a carefully constructed masterpiece that has pin-point accuracy in mixing all the other ingredients. Tokyo Ghoul never fails to bring about the psychological tag without cringiness (if there’s such a word) unlike in some other psychological animes’ out there.


Character Build-Up

When you hear character build-up, you’re probably thinking about some type of protagonist, with his plot-armor on, miraculously leveling up and defeating field bosses.

Uhm, sort of.

That kind of trope exists in a lot of animes’ out there but you can be rest assured that this is not the case for Tokyo Ghoul. In Tokyo Ghoul, each and everyone’s character build-up is based on their efforts and talent, not in their plot armor. If you compare it to an RPG, it’s like playing the legit game rather than playing the MOD with a lot of benefits (Just like a lot of protagonists in anime, they’re playing in their MOD world lol.) This type of character build-up is rare to come by, especially in a fantasy and dystopia anime.

Did I say that it has fantasy and dystopia tag? No, I didn’t?

Then there you have it!

The Ins and Outs of Human Nature

Just like a lot of psychological anime out there, Tokyo Ghoul depicts humanity nature pretty well, especially in dire circumstances.

But what’s the difference?

Well, the only difference is…

You can clearly relate to their decisions and their experiences. So vividly in fact that you’ll be forced to think what would you have done in that situation. I know that the experiences that they depicted in Tokyo Ghoul don’t happen in everyday life but, putting yourself in their shoes is a different matter.

So, what makes it different?

Go ahead and watch the series to see what I’m talking about. But as a reminder, the anime is psychological and therefore not recommended for the weak-hearted and weak-minded. But if you think you can stomach it, then go ahead.

And as always, happy watching!