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One Piece Anime Review

One Piece anime, the classic anime that has been on air for a long time is still building up hype until now. All anime fans, and I mean all of them, have probably encountered or watched One Piece one way or the other. It’s that famous!

But is it worth the watch for first time anime watchers out there?

Read on and find out!

Why watch One Piece?

Well, why do you have to watch One Piece? One might ask. Why do you need to know about One Piece if you’re entering the anime world? There are a lot of mainstream anime out there, why should you watch it?

For this article, I will give you a few reasons why you should know or watch One Piece and why it is important if you’re an anime watcher yourself.


1. It’s a Classic

Yeah, this is one of the most important reason. A lot of people tried watching any anime that they encounter and then brush it off saying that it’s not good then proceeds to take that judgment to other worthwhile animes out there. I’ll tell you, that’s a wrong approach!

If you’re planning to venture into the anime world, then make sure to watch or at least have a background on classic animes such as One Piece and the like before judging. If you’re a beginner in this field and you follow my advice, you’ll reconsider your outlook on anime.

I assure you 🙂


2.Every Veteran Anime Watchers Know it or Have Watched it

This is the second most important reason as to why you should consider watching One Piece. But this is not at all important if you don’t want to relate to veteran anime watchers.

Then again, relating to them will make you climb your rants fast into becoming a veteran, so think again.

3. It is Mainstream!

The best advice any anime watchers can give a beginner is to tell them to watch a mainstream anime, this is supposed to be a sub-point to my first reason but I decided to separate it since it’s just as important. I’m not telling you on my first reason to not watch mainstream animes but to consider watching the classics first before delving in to the mainstream and the low-rated ones.

4. It’s a Good Watch for a Shounen Anime

Welp, this is just my opinion but I guess it’s important since a lot of animes have a shounen tag. The long and short of it- One Piece is a good watch (even though it’s so long already!) and I think you’ll be able to enjoy it as well. And most of all, it’s a classic, mainstream anime that’s still airing until now, not a lot of animes are like that so consider giving it a try.

As always, have a great time watching!

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