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Why You Should Watch My Hero Academia

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Now that the third season of My Hero Academia is airing, fans are getting hyped more and more as the show steadily progresses.

Yet, what makes it so great? Why should you watch it?

Reasons why you should watch My Hero Academia.

  • Superhero Tag

Superhero tag is pretty common, right? Why should I watch it? You might ask. Unlike any other shows with superhero tags, Boku no Hero Academia is one of the few who has a nice build-up and character development. The author really planned the layout as intricate as one could, making the pacing of Boku no Hero academia smooth and flowy. Others tend to rush a story with a superhero tag, making the protagonist as strong as possible at the first without effort and relying wholly on plot armor to win. Some, on the other hand, relies on the anime logic called the power of friendship >and by some miracle, couldn’t be defeated. Boku no Hero Academia is different, however. Through sheer effort and not giving up, the protagonist earned the right to inherit the superpower of the number one hero.

Still don’t feel like watching it? There’s more!

  • Setting

The story, or the entire Boku No Hero Academia universe rather, is set up where people with superpowers (known as “Quirks” (個性 Kosei)) are common. So common, in fact, that quirkless people are sometimes discriminated. Since the appearance of quirks, superheroes as well as villains rose in the scene, making the fights around places as common as street brawls. The occupation of being a superhero rose to the scene as well, making the most powerful heroes rise to the top and becoming important symbols. Schools overlooking young people with quirks came to the scene as well and not before long, the world has adjusted to the superpowers that so quickly appeared.

  • The Plot

Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist, always dreamed of becoming a well-known hero when he grows up ever since he was a child. He particularly idolizes All Might, the number one hero and the symbol of peace around the world (merely because he’s so powerful that crime rates are dropping simply because of his existence.)

However, fate was not that merciful.

After going for a quirk check-up with his mom, Midoriya was told that he was born quirkless, shattering his dreams and becoming a target to bullies, especially to his once-friend Katsuki Bakugou, who got a powerful quirk.

Still, his shattered dreams weren’t dissolve! Using his observation skills, he began scrutinizing all known heroes, knowing advantages and disadvantages of them, so he could formulate a plan on entering the prestigious school U.A., where All Might once studied and becoming a licensed hero.

Little did he know that he will be encountering the greatest hero All Might, and that this chance encounter, will completely change his future.

Thus begun his story on becoming the greatest hero!

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  • Fight Scenes and Overwhelming Quirk displays

Not convinced yet? Well, the fight scenes and overwhelming quirk displays will surely keep you at the edge of your seat since it’s on par with Marvel and DC, in my opinion. From raging fires, explosions, and plain brute strength; not to mention the intricate planning, battle of wits, and careful planning that went behind the scenes, making the quirk displays much more enjoyable.

Here’s a tiny sneak-peekat one of the many fight-scenes in Boku No Hero Academia:

  • It’s a good watch!

And finally! The last and not the least point that I should to imply is this: It’s a good watch! Anyone can enjoy the anime, both children and adults alike! It’s a roller-coaster of feels watching it and I should say that I’ve watched the released episodes more than five times myself! I know that this is probably not the best anime out there, but this is really worth the watch! If I can grade it out of ten, I will give it a whopping 10/10 (or more, if possible.) Since it exceeded my expectations! What’s more, the anime follows the manga pretty well and is as detailed as it could get! If you’re into a classy anime with a solid plot and vivid scenes, not to mention the roller-coaster of feels rarely found in a shounen anime, then, this anime is the right one for you!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy watching!

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