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Handmade Katana Real Sword Sharp Genuine Japanese Samurai Sword

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Use 1095 high carbon steel Folding and Forging

Selecting the best 1095 high carbon steel blocks and wrapping a layer of thin clay and ashes to prevent from oxidation of the steel blocks; after heating steel blocks to 1,300 degrees Celsius, forging and repeatedly folding and removing impurities in the steels, so as to make the carbon distributed uniformly; after folding and forging steel blocks for more than 5,000 layers continuously, the final weight of the steel will be reduced by half of the primary cast iron and it will become a piece of forged steel which is called “knife embryo”, the folding and forging on such raw metals will be completed.

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Weight 3000.0 g
Dimensions 110.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm
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Japan Style